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Shopping Tools

Recent News and RSS Feeds – Use the 'Recent News' RSS Feed to be the first to know about newly issued gift and discount coupons. Use the 'New Products' RSS Feed and you will instantly know if we added new products as soon as you switch on your PC/Laptop. To subscribe to any RSS Feed simply click on the orange RSS logo and subscribe to the feed.

Smart Search and Advanced Search
– Start typing in the search box and see related product pictures automatically appear under the search box. Click Advanced Search for even more search options.

Currency Converter
– You can convert all prices to GBP, US DOLLARS or EUR. The currency conversion tool is located on the top right hand side of every product page.

Gift Certificates/Cards
– Offer them as a birthday gift, company present etc. To purchase a Gift Certificate click on the 'Gift Certificates' link located at the extreme top of every page.

Wish List
– If you want to create a Wish List you will need to Create an Account. If you are already logged in click the 'Wish List' link located at the extreme top of every page. You can use this tool in many ways. For Example Share your Wish List with friends, family or colleagues; let them know what you are wishing for.

Product Comparison
– While shopping you can compare different or similar products. Compare prices, availability, options, colours and more all from one page. You can compare as many products as you want at the same time. This is a very useful shopping tool. This tool is located at the bottom right of most pages; look for the 'Compare Selected' button.

Sort by
– At the top right hand side of all Category pages you will find a drop down list that will allow you to sort products by: price, best seller, alphabetical, customer reviews or featured products. Look for the words 'Sort by'. Alternatively click on 'Advanced Search'.

You Recently Viewed
– Browse today, log in tomorrow and your account will automatically show you the products you previously viewed on the right hand side of the page. It's a great tool to keep track of what you have already checked out and may want to buy. No more waisting time looking for that product again.

Order Messaging System
– Receive secure messages straight into your private FaridasPassions Inbox account. Log In to your account to read new and previous messages. Always check your account Inbox for we may send you custom special offers just for you.

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