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WAYUU SUSU Mochila Bag Bolsa Bonita



Learn About the Wayuu Amerindian Tribe and their fantastic Wayuu SUSU Mochila Bags Rare Tribal Chic Ethical Colombian Fashion…Bolsa Bonita SUSU!

Español: Más información sobre los Wayuu y la fantastica Mochila Wayuu - Moda Etnica amenazada. Utilice el traductor de Google a su izquierda para leerlo en español. Aquí puede Comprar Espetacular y Autentica Mochila Guajira Wayuu

The Wayu (also known as Wayúu, Guajiro or Wahiro) are a Amerindian Ethnic pre-Columbian group of the La Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela; their ancestral land, over 15,00 square kilometers, is divided by the border of the two countries. The Wayuu is an endangered species that is still being constantly forced to move out of their territory.

Most Wayuu live in Colombia and speak Wayuunaiki language (part of the Arawak linguistic family predominant in different parts of the Caribbean) and practice their own spiritual religion based on deities; their central figure is Mareiwa, god creator of the Wayuu and founder of society. Pulowi and Juya, a married deity couple associated with procreation and life, where Pulowi is the female figure; related to the wind and dry seasons, and Juya the male; a nomad.

Their matriarchichal culture (a culture and society governed by women) directly associates economy and social life with the arts (music, dance, crafts etc.) such as in the case of raising cattle, in which the indigenous sang to their animals, the Yonna is the traditional dance of the Wayuu used to honor guests.

The girls, during their puberty rituals (when they were taught how to become a woman and female labor), particularly in a stage called 'Blanqueo', were taught the art of sewing (along with how to manage pregnancy, birth control and erotic techniques) and thus became skilled with their hands and crafted extraordinary Wayuu SUSU Mochilas using a traditional technique. SUSU is the name of the Mochila in Wayuunaiki and it means 'that which walks with one'. The designs are inspired by their spiritual culture and include traditional ancestral designs (unique to the Wayuu) that have been passed on for centuries.

Wayuu Art of Sewing and the Myth of the Spider:

Wale'Keru - The Spinning Spider. The Myth about the origins of weaving:

Wayuu people believe weaving is an art they learnt from Wale'Keru. Legend says Wale’Keru lost her mother when she was very young and unfortunately she was left in her father’s sisters’ care, who did not treat her well. Like all Wayuu men Wale'keru's father spent a lot of time outside home. When young she was the object of mistreatment: during the day she worked at domestic tasks and at night she was forced to sleep in the ashes in the kitchen. One day Wale’Keru’s father woke up and found a beautiful woven cloth beside his hammock. Wanting to give thanks, he asked who had made it and his sisters told him it had been them. From that day Wale’Keru’s father would find a new woven cloth every morning. One night the father was wondering what his daughter did at night, he walked to the place where the girl would retire to at the end of each day...he was deeply surprised to find that the skillful mysterious weaver was his small daughter. A little before dawn, Wale’Keru’s father, who had hidden from his daughter, pained because of the lack of attention he had been giving her, decided to talk to her and ask for forgiveness...but bad luck had struck and when seen, Wale’Keru turned into a spider and ran away from home for ever.

Today, it is difficult to find Authentic Mochila Wayuu Designs. The Wayuu Mochilas available here are purchased directly from a group of Native Colombian Women that weave them. The group is called ARTE WAYUU, composed of over 300 Wayuu women lead by Iris Aguilar, and they are the ones that hand weave our SUSU's. ARTE WAYUU guarantees the authenticity of the SUSU Mochilas (click here to see Authenticity Tag ). By doing so we can guarantee to you that the purchase of these Mochilas directly sustains the Wayuu Economy and well being.



Each of these Mochila's is crafted (in the traditional way) by one Wayuu female and each Mochila has a design of its own through which today's Wayuu females keep Wayuu art and traditions alive. It takes approximately one month for one woman to complete a Mochila. By purchasing a bag we help the Wayuus live better and help safeguard a world's cultural heritage.

Wayuu Mochilas are the latest Colombian Fashion but they have been around for centuries...enjoy them for their essence, uniqueness, beauty and practicality.

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Estas en Colombia? Quieres una Mochila? Aquí puede Comprar Espetacular y Autentica Mochila Guajira Wayuu y Mochilas Arhuacos. Los mejores precios en Internet. Entrega dentro y fuera de América Latina! Utilice el traductor de Google a su izquierda para leerlo en Español. Si estas interesado en comprar en Colombia y no tienes una cuenta PayPal o no sé cómo pagar a través de FaridasPassion.com - entonses envianos un correo a faridaspassions"hotmail.com con tu nombre, direccion postal y numero telefonico ademas del nombre (SKU) de la mochila que quisieras comprar. Te responderemos indicando el costo de la mochila en pesos colombianos y la cuenta a la cual debes hacer la consignacion para recibir por Servientrega la mochila en tu casa.


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