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CARBOTTI Handmade Leather Handbags Made In Italy

Carbotti Handmade Handbags Made in Italy

The CARBOTTI family has been crafting handbags by hand since 1950, in Taranto, Italy. CARBOTTI is one of the most appreciated Italian manufacturers of high-quality handbags.

Italian Authenticity & Exclusivity:
Each Carbotti real leather handbag come with the CARBOTTI and AIMPES “We Love Italian Bags” tag, a real guarantee that each product is genuinely "Made in Italy". Counterfeits do not have this tag.

 AIMPES Tag Logo

The CARBOTTI collection is designed by skilled Italian stylists in close collaboration with its manufacturing bureau. Each of these unique Italian leather handbags are entirely made by hand, in Italy, with the best materials (calf and kid leather, fabrics, and attractive metal fittings). The tag is a guarantee of Italian authenticity released by AIMPES: the Italian Leather Handbags Manufacturer Association - www.aimpes.it

The family owned business is a hidden Italian gem; they produce only a few of each piece. The brand is more known on a national level, restraining from international fame and mass scale production to not jepoardise on its unique culture and craftsmanship. Handmade Italian leather handbags at affordable prices.

You have to know that more and more Italian brands out there that claim they are 'Made In Italy' only design their bags in Italy and then manufacture the products in China, Turkey, Latin America etc. many times also practicing exploitation of labor. They manufacture abroad because it is cheaper. *While CARBOTTI still designs and hand crafts leather products at home following strict standards and regulations .

The real strength of CARBOTTI is great flexibility to the most current fashion trends, while preserving its unsurpassed style & tradition. The only way you can truly experience the beauty and craftsmanship of these handbags is if you own one. International brands outsource the production of their high end leather products to CARBOTTI.