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PIERO GUIDI Made in Italy 


PIERO GUIDI - Made in Italy:
"Love is the spirit behind my brand Piero Guidi, "Angeli del nostro tempo" ("Angels of our Time"), it is dedicated to all the people who buy what I make, every day all over the world, living the spirit of love in all its forms. All the “Angeli del nostro tempo” collections are distinguished by the symbol of two angels in flight, embracing one another in a gesture of love: a man and a woman, which I think is how every one of us would like to be. Signed." Piero Guidi. Urbino, Italy

Italian Authenticity & Exclusivity
Each PIERO GUIDI authentic handbag comes with a tag real guarantee that each product is genuinely "Made in Italy" by PIERO GUIDI. Counterfeits do not have this tag.

Each PIERO GUIDI authentic product also comes with the beautiful "Angels of our Time" chain medallion (two angles).

Rare high quality crafts are consistently being created by Piero Guidi with signature leather designs. The brand's products cannot be found in your local shops or malls. But you can now enjoy purchasing some of the rare Piero Guidi Collection pieces here.


  • MAGIC CIRCUS Rare Trunk Style Handbag Made in Italy by Piero Guidi
    £254.00 £203.00 MAGIC CIRCUS Rare Trunk Style Handbag Made in Italy by Piero Guidi
    Surprise yourself with an authentic leather handbag from the collection of Piero Guidi. The trademark leather with the original Magic Circus Piero Guidi design all around the handbag, also the handles. Here in Piero Guidi's...